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Owner Services

TLC Management specializes in managing your property in a professional, personal manner. We take care of all the details so that you reap the highest return on your investment. Contact Us today to speak with an agent!

Vacant Property Showings


From the beginning we will take control of the process with our skilled professionals, showing your property to potential tenants. We make appointments; provide applications and a thorough screening process. TLC Management abides by the Federal Fair Housing Act and will not discriminate against any protected class of people.

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Full Screenings of Tenants


We will run credit checks on all applicants, verify previous rental history and current employment status. This process is very thorough in order to avoid any potential difficulties in the future.

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Legal Residency


We have the necessary forms to create a tenancy between the company and the prospective applicant. The legal forms set a clear relationship between TLC Management and the tenant. All documents clearly state the duties, responsibilities, obligations, consequences and penalties for compliance failure of the tenant.

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If a tenant fails to pay the rent, we will automatically initiate the procedures necessary to evict the tenant. TLC Management will retain an attorney to file eviction (forcible detainer) for non-payment of rent with the Justice Court. The objective of the company is to protect the owner’s rights and property at all times.

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Termination of Rental Agreement


The majority of tenant give proper notice and vacate a property in clean or somewhat clean condition. Upon the termination of a lease or rental agreement, TLC Management will walk through the property, account for the condition of the property and charge related damage or excessive wear and tear to the tenant’s refundable security deposit. Between tenants is the best time to coordinate deferred maintenance or repairs.

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Property Repair & Maintenance


If your property should need repairs or maintenance we will send qualified, independent vendors, sub-contractors or technicians to complete the work. We have developed long-term relations with local vendors and the company has a high level of trust and confidence in the service provided by these local vendors. All estimates, appraisals and work will be done in conjunction with the owners budgetary concerns.

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Monthly Statement


Twice a month, on the 15th and the end of the month (except weekends), TLC Management will generate a monthly statement showing the amount of rent collected, the management fee deducted and less maintenance, if any. The statement will include the monthly proceeds unless the owner has directed the company to deposit the funds in the owner’s bank account. The December statement is the owner’s year-end statement and each statement will contain a summary of the revenues and expenses for the month and year-to-date report. In addition, TLC Management will file a 1099 for each owner.

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Collecting Rent


Once a tenant has moved into a property, we will collect rent every month. Once rent is collected the funds are deposited into Agency Trust Account(s).  Because we understand that asset protection is a must, Each Trust Account is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000.00

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